How our CSA program works


You sign up for a CSA share of your choice and receive a weekly delivery of fresh, organic produce delivered to your pick up site of choosing.  You may either pay in full or we offer a 4 month installment payment plan for our main season shares.


Picking up your CSA Box:


1.  The list of what to expect in your box each week will be included in each newsletter (newsletter link above).  However, the list is always tentative as changes can occur throughout the week.  Any changes will be communicated via the Current News section of our website.  Please remember that you can find any and all newsletters on our website.


2.  Please arrive within the time slot designated for your pick up site.  These time slots are chosen carefully and it puts a tremendous burden on the farm and site if not adhered to as best as possible.


3.  Please pay attention to which box you should be taking.  Members who purchased half shares (the majority of you) should be taking the box that says 3/4 bushel on the sides.  They will not be labeled.  Please don't take from the labeled boxes as those are choice shares.  Box mix-ups cause the farm and the member who missed out lots of time and money.


4.  Remember to flatten your box and bring it back with you the following week.   Remember, we recycle and reuse the boxes throughout the year.  It's important you do your best not to tear the flaps on the box as we cannot reuse boxes with torn flaps most of the time.